I Learned Big Stuff Today

First, look at this post from @luokai on Threads:


It talks about people pointing LLMs at a YouTube video and getting a great HTML page out of it. Pretty great and I want to try doing it myself.

Second, look at this post from @thegalaticgal:


“For the first time ever, scientists have discovered evidence of the first generation of stars, which until now have been purely hypothetical. These first generation stars, called Population III stars, are made of pristine hydrogen and helium forged during the Big Bang.”

Third, I learned that the Meta Quest 3 is surprisingly good at doing spatial computing stuff. Not perfect, but it’s $500. Not even Apple Vision Pro is perfect, and it’s 7 times more expensive.

Fourth, I learned that Nikki Haley won in Vermont, a big surprise.

Fifth, I remembered how absolutely amazing the search engine Kagi is. I had played around with it before, but I was blown away when I tried it again today. There are a few different bits:

I just wanted to jot this stuff down. It was a day of interesting things with big implications.