Wait, I think I have something

I’ve been working on my Firehose product for about a year. This evening, I posted a new version of the landing page. And once I did it, I realised something for the 100th time. Something I’ve known implicitly and explicitly, but tonight I felt it in a new way: this is a product others might like. And pay for.

Firehose is simple, but solves something I haven’t seen anywhere else: it pulls all your content across the internet into a single place. Like if Linktree could scrape data instead of being a simple series of links.

So let’s say you post things to your blog, but you also have a second blog, and you also post images online, but you also run a Mastodon account that talks about 80s pop culture. Firehose pulls all of that content together into one place. It makes it easier for your fans to follow everything you’re up to, and it gives you data portability. So even if your blog goes offline, you still have all the content saved and stored.

I remember my friend Nick saying he liked the idea. But back then I wasn’t ready to make the site work for anyone other than me. Now I’m starting to think that’s probably what I should do next. Maybe I can prop up John Gruber, Hank Green, and Nick Firehoses, just to see how well they work with my rickety little system. And then I can fix those issues and see what I learn.

I could this being something someday. I’d like to keep improving to see where it goes.