Conversations I've Had Today

"Can I get some oatmeal and biscuits and gravy?"

"Yes, please put your meal ticket in the slot."

"Oh, I don't have a meal ticket..."

"You don't?"

"No, I don't know how this works."

"Yeah, you can go buy yourself a meal ticket and come back."

"Ok, thank you!"


"Hi, I was wondering if you can sell me a meal ticket?"

"They can handle that at administration, do you know where that is?"


"Ok, so you'll want to go down this hall, then turn left, then right. At the end of that hall you'll see the sign that says administration."

"Ok, thank you! Oh, and I was wondering about wifi. My grandpa's room has wifi but I don't know how to get onto it. The nurses don't know either."

"Oh, ok. Yeah, they can handle that at administration also. Ask for Lindsay Hall."

"Ok, thank you! Have a nice day!"

"You have a nice day too!"


"Hello, I'm hoping to buy a meal ticket."

"Ok, I can help you with that. It'll be ten dollars, just sign here please."

"Here you go."

"Oh, we only accept cash, dear."

"Oh, ok, I'm sorry. Hm."

"Maybe one day we'll accept a card, but not just yet."

"Let me check my bags, maybe I have cash. Hm, well I have New Zealand dollars."


"I'm from New Zealand, I have New Zealand cash but I'm guess that's not going to work, eh?"

"Oh my daughter moved to New Zealand!"

"Did she? Whereabouts?"

"South of Auckland, she set up a real estate office with her partner."

"That's awesome! So yeah, look, I only have ten New Zealand dollars and two US dollars. Hm."

"We do have an ATM."

"Oh do you?"

"We do, do you know where the mail center is?"


"Or the art gallery?"

"Ah yes, I've walked past there."

"So across from there you'll see the mail center and there's an ATM you can use."

"Perfect, I'll go use that, thank you!"


"I'm back with cash!"

"Oh good, let me get you set up. So yeah, my daughter moved to New Zealand because she couldn't marry her partner here. Says she loves it out there."

"Oh, that's wonderful to hear."

"And here's your ticket! It's a great breakfast. Worth it. At least I think so."

"Thanks very much! Oh, by the way. I was wondering if I can get wifi access in my grandpa's room? Can you help with that?"

"Oh, I've only been here 7 months, I'm not sure. Did you ask the nurses?"

"Yeah, they say even they don't have access."

"Yeah. I'm sorry, I'm not sure. But I can ask!"

"I was told maybe Lindsay Hall could help?"

"Yeah, she's not here anymore."

"Oh, ok. Thank you!"


"Hello again, can I get some biscuits and gravy? Here's my ticket."

"You sure can. What kind of gravy?"

"Oh, gosh. I don't know, what kind do you like?"

"I don't have either, but I say this one cause it's got meat."

"Sounds good! Let's do it."

"Can I also get some oatmeal?"

"You sure can, hun. You want some potatoes?"

"Yeah, sure. That sounds good."

"You want some eggs?"

"Uh, yeah! That looks good too."

"You want to get your money's worth. Want some bacon?"

"Mm, yeah. Thank you!"

"DIfferent plate, so it doesn't get soggy?"

"Nah, that's ok."

"You sure? Ok. Is this enough, young man? Get your money's worth!"

"Looks great, thank you! Have a nice day!"

"Have a nice day!"


"You should tell Charlie about your spill. Hey Charlie, we've got a spill over here! He'll come over with a mop. You should maybe switch tables."


"Where is it?"

"Oh, just over here. My water bottle leaked in my bag"

"Oh boy, you're in trouble... so how long are you here?"

"Leaving tonight. Here to see my grandpa."

"What's his name?"

"Howard C Bowman."

"Howard C ... oh! Mr. Bowman! Oh, he's my ATM buddy! Oh, Mr. Bowman. I used to serve him right down there. Oh, Mr. Bowman. So he's still with us?"

"Yup, he's in hospice care right now. I'm here to say good bye."

"Oh well I'll be praying for him. My friend's grandfather went into hospice but then the lord said 'Nope!' and came back. So you never know. Oh, Mr. Bowman. He likes to go riding around in his scooter. Mmhm, Mr. Bowman. I'm Charlie, by the way. Charlie James."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Jon."

"Nice to meet you, Jon. You can follow me on Facebook. Charlie James. I'm the one on there that says I look like Jamie Foxx."

"You do!"

"Where are you from?"

"New Zealand, actually."

"Wow, New Zealand? How long is that flight?"

"Tonight I'll be going from Texas home to New Zealand and the flight is 15 hours."

"15 hours, boy! Oh my gosh. Wow. New Zealand. What's it like out there?"

"It's pretty great. It's like Montana or something. Lots of farmland. Mountains."

"Whoo boy, New Zealand. Well I'll be praying for your grandpa. Mr. Bowman! He always says hi to me. He goes 'Hey Charlie!' Mmm hmm. Well, you have a nice day and a safe flight, y'hear?"

"You too, have a great day!"


"I just gave him some morphine."

"Ok, sounds good."

"What's your relation?"

"I'm his grandson."

"Oh that's nice, and where are you from?"

"New Zealand, actually."

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Oh my gosh! How long's that flight?"

"Well tonight I'll be going from Texas to Auckland and it'll be 15 hours."

"Oh my gosh. My legs would be like 'no thank you.' Wow."

"Yeah, it's really in the middle of nowhere."

"Wow! New Zealand. Well, good luck with that flight!"

"Thank you!"

"Well, enjoy your visit. I'll just be over here at the nurse's station, let me know if you need anything."