AI Words Still Count

Every night, an automated script counts the total number of words I’ve written in my big writing folder. I go for several days or weeks at a time without writing anything, so the line plateaus during those times. But then there are times where the line edges up and to the right for a few days at a time. That’s when I’m in flow and writing frequently.

My graph recently added an interesting anomaly: a line that goes straight up. That’s because I did a bunch of writing with AI. I’d hit a wall in my writing, ask the AI to offer something better, then I’d take it’s suggestions and modify it back into my own voice, with the goals I have for the chapter.

I suspect my simple graph of word count will continue growing exponentially. And I suspect I’m not the only one. Across many artists, writers, and creative types, in every country, around the world, we’re about to see a whole lot more stuff being made. We used to use the term “big data” but in the long run what we used to consider big is going to seem minuscule.