A Series of Thoughts in Tweet Form

I recently kicked off an RSS reader that pulls from a range of sources. It’s a fun experiment in creation. When I feel like x, I post in location y, but I know everything will still be pulled together into a single place. It’s great.

Here are some thoughts I was going to post on Mastodon but decided to batch together into a blog post instead.

  1. I frequently ask chatGPT a coding question before bed. Seeing its response inspires me, because I know when I wake up there’s a new thing I can do with the knowledge. It feels like Christmas Eve, for real.
  2. William and I sometimes say America has the absolute best and absolute worst of humanity in one system. I realised today that I feel the same about the web. The web has great stuff the App Store doesn’t. But on the other hand, the App Store won’t allow certain horrible stuff. So maybe the App Store is Denmark, and the web is America?
  3. I recently saw King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard play a show in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Within 12 hours, there was a high quality video of the show online. Then I used a simple script to turn it into an MP3, and the setlist was built in real time by fans. Then I needed an album cover so I made one with Midjourney. There’s never been a better time to a fan of any touring band.
  4. Relationships are funny. My wife and I have a certain dynamic and balance that wouldn’t work for other people, but it works for us. It might as simple as matching your dealbreakers against someone else’s dealbreakers. Fewer dealbreakers equals a match!
  5. I recently deleted everything in Instapaper, Pinboard, and my Safari Reading list. Now I’m going to clear everything out once a week. If I haven’t read it in a week, it goes away. No exceptions.

And now I’m going to go post this on Mastodon, to complete the circle.