A new album from Blockhead

I like an artist named Blockhead, so I tried listening to his new album. It seemed good, but different. And then I noticed him making references to old samples from his previous albums, which seemed ballsy. Before 2023, I would have done a Metacritic search for the album, skimmed through reviews, and gathered information the best I could. This approach takes some time, especially if I get distracted, and can lead to biased results.

But it’s 2023, so I asked chatGPT for reviews, especially from longtime fans like me. Then I went back to work and checked back on the result about 15 minutes later. It gave me everything I wanted to know. You might find it interesting too!

Blockhead's album "The Aux" has garnered positive reviews from critics and presents a significant development in his production style. The album, marking his first rap album since collaborating with Aesop Rock in 2021, showcases his talent for bringing together artists from various eras and scenes, resulting in a dynamic and engaging listening experience. The diversity of guest artists and Blockhead's distinct production style create a unique blend of sounds that is both cohesive and varied​​.
Critics have noted that "The Aux" stands out as a significant work in Blockhead's discography, with one reviewer mentioning that it is their favorite solo album of his in recent memory, highlighting the tight performances of the guest emcees. The album scored an 8/10 in this review, indicating a high level of appreciation for its artistic qualities​​.
Blockhead himself has acknowledged that "The Aux" might present some "speed bumps" for longtime fans, particularly with the inclusion of tracks like RXK Nephew's "Pink Lemonade," which diverges from his usual style. This deliberate choice reflects Blockhead's intent to challenge his audience and expose them to a wide range of hip-hop styles. His goal is to push boundaries and encourage open-mindedness among listeners, recognizing that every artist featured on the album brings their unique style, which might not align with traditional expectations of rap music​​​​.
Overall, the reviews and reactions suggest that "The Aux" is a strong entry in Blockhead's discography, notable for its diverse range of guest artists and the producer's willingness to experiment and challenge both himself and his listeners.